Monday, March 17, 2014

NBA Goes Global

NBA is arguably one of the most popular sports league in the U.S., and is regarded as the premier basketball league in the world. Its popularity is ever growing as more and more athletic freaks ascend to the league. In addition, NBA's revenue of the 2012-2013 season reached a record $5 billion. In a globalization effort, NBA's turning its eyes to China, which is a prime market for the league. Currently NBA is one of the most popular brands in China: 70 million people follow NBA on social platforms. The new NBA commissioner Adam Silver is implementing an expansion plan in hopes of reaching global success. NBA is now expanding TV coverage and building basketball facilities in China. NBA's effort to capture China has been successful, as NBA China's revenue in 2012 amounted to $150 million. India and South Korea are also the major targets of the league. NBA is looking to build off the success in China and reach the rest of Asia. It is also signing marketing and licensing deals with major companies in China. Major sports brands such as Nike and Adidas are also targeting China and the rest of Asia; Their sponsored athletes visit Asia on promotional tours every summer. NBA has become a marketing juggernaut globally, and its potential has no ceiling at this point.

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